The Legal Doc's Clients Have Something To Say About Kathleen Mountjoy


SS    Thank you very much for all your help. You have been super super awesome.  

Mickie K.  The Legal Doc got right back to me, and, we started work on what I needed almost immediately!!!!  Would definitely recommend her to anyone for help!!!! Highly professional, great value, the work is high quality, responsiveness almost immediate and she was on time and ready to work.          

Andrew Woll, Esq.  Kathleen Mountjoy worked in my office for several years.  She knows more about legal matters than most attorneys and certainly some judges.  I recommend Kathleen's work to anyone.

Rita C.  Kathleen is very knowledgeable and detail oriented.  She goes the extra  mile for her clients, is a compassionate person and is always available  to lend a hand when needed  I fully endorse Kathleen as a fellow  professional and friend.

Suzanne L.  Since 2007, Kat and I have worked together to establish a new standard  for professional integrity and consumer protection in the delivery of  non-attorney legal services. Without a doubt, Kat is a true leader in  the self-help legal industry. Her ability to assist clients with routine  - and non-routine - legal matters continues to impress me. Her  commitment to improving consumers’ access to the courts is evident  throughout her track record of working with legislators, court  officials, law librarians, attorneys and alternative service providers  to streamline services and programs designed to assist those going it  alone without an attorney. The LDA profession is better today for having  her as a member, and I am a better LDA for having the privilege of  knowing and working with her. 

Eddie F.   Kathleen has amazed me time and time again; her knowledge and execution  are by far the best I have seen in the industry. I refuse to use anyone  else but her.

If you're currently using someone else for your legal services, you really don't know what you're missing! 

Lana T.  Found you on Facebook just at the right time.  Your self-help legal services are the best!  I appreciate your help.  I thank you for being there for me and my family.

Cassidy V.  So grateful Joe found u for me . You are so amazing and on it. Thanks for your awesome personality and working so hard on my case.  You're the bomb diggity.

Tiffany M.  Genuine concern, down to earth, followup, expertise.   

Julia D.  If you know what you need to do but need help with prep and filing. Hire Kat My attorney recommended I use a document preparation service to save cost in our Estate battle until my niece gets an attorney. This was the best advice! I hired Kathleen to file an objection. Her knowledge of forms and the filing process astounds me to this day! I must say, I am a good client as I had my information ready and in good order. ParaLegals are not "Attorneys" and will tell you this upfront. If you know what you need to do but need help filing and preparing your document correctly, I HIGHLY recommend hiring Kathleen. As it turns out there was more property owned by my father. I hired Kathleen again to prepare each of these documents as well.   

Travis  Great work. Quick. Kat did our paperwork quickly with no problems. I am in the military and my wife and I are both out of state so the court was sending our paperwork back. Kat took care of it and I feel I have made a good friend. Kat is the best! Michael S.  Not available by telephone, but responded immediately to fax and accomplished my assignment the same day. Impressive performance. 

Sonia L.  I believe all will work out. She has great customer service. 

LM  I have been working with Kat for several weeks for a probate process, and we are nearing the halfway point. She is so wonderful about keeping me informed every step of the way, and is very quick to respond to any questions or phone calls. I have every confidence in her knowledge and processing methods and would certainly recommend her services to everyone. Even thought our work together is not yet complete, I would use her services in the future without a doubt! 

George H.  Awesome response and great service. I would highly recommend her services to my friends in the future as well Kat Mountjoy is the best! Any help you need with a variety of legal documents, deciphering what the court wants, divorce, bankruptcy, etc she will get it done!!! She's great! I highly recommend her 

Amanda Paul, Esq..  I have worked with Kat on both Bankruptcy and Family Law matters and am repeatedly impressed with her professionalism and knowledge. She gets work done when promised and her energy is amazing. Thanks, Kat. So glad to do business with you. 

Deborah S.  I met Kat after my dad had passed away. I needed the house title changed and some other things. She was precise, fast and had great fees. However a few months later my husband became gravely sick. He didn't have a will and was in intensive care. Kat was absolutely superior in her skill and dedication to her client and almost over night I had a completed will. My husband was able to sign it and it was complete. Not long after he passed away. I cant tell you what a relief it was to have that will done. That it was done over night, and perfect is nothing less than astonishing? Thank you so much Kat, you are my Wonder Woman of Law. I so appreciate your time and dedication. 

Ray D.  Process Serving  I used Kat Legal's process serving services and was quite pleased at how responsive she was to my calls and how quickly she was able to mobilize the team to get the job done on time. 

Ed O.  I can't recommend Kat Legal enough/ I've worked for them as a process server on a couple of occasions and when I needed paralegal work I hired her. This is a very professional organization that still has a persona connection to their clients. They are also extremely detailed oriented in the work. Kat has a lot of experience too, probably many more years experience than most attorneys. 

Sean Musgrove, Esq. Kat is the best. Kat was my paralegal. She is quick, proficient and smart. She has a wide range of experience, from bankruptcy, civil, to divorce. Call her and talk to her. She will do a good job like she did for me!!! 

Xavier M. Esq. I used Kat as my paralegal for five or so years. She is the best! She kept me up-to-date with my work and is extremely knowledgeable about the court system. I could not have built my practice without her assistance. She is wonderful to work with. 

Mike Sutherland  A truly wonderful person and great sense of business. Her attention to detail and follow through are second to none. Kathleen treats each and every customer of her as if she's known them all her life. I recommend her to everyone I possibly can knowing that they are going to get the best. I cannot say enough good things about her." 

Angie Straub   Kathleen is the best paralegal you could ever ask for.... extremely professional, flexible with deadlines (meaning - she goes above and beyond when you need stuff fast) knows the field.... has connections... a true pleasure and joy to work with..."   

Rita Capello  I've known Kathleen Mountjoy professionally for a number of years. She is extremely knowledgeable and highly ethical in her business and personal dealings. I would highly recommend her both from an associate point of view and as a friend." 

Kevin Knutson, Esq.  How can you beat the fee this woman charges to do the paperwork for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? I can't justify getting out of bed for that fee. This is the perfect alternative for those debtor's that cannot afford the services of an attorney." 

Tricia Benson-Mcaninch  Kat is a professional who listens to her friends and clients. She has a talent for making people come to their own good conclusions, and the finesse to make things happen." 

Christy Holliday  I don't know what I would've done without your assistance over the past few years! You're the best." 

Keith Swedo  Kat is a wonderful legal professional who truly goes the extra mile for her clients!" 

Olga Martin  You've done what others could not do, you are amazingly dedicated and the best!" 

David Young  Kat is a life savor! She has saved me allot of money in the last few years." 

Mallery Buckman  Kat has been a wonderful help in getting our nonprofit started! Thanks!"    

Steven Burks  A professional who delivers on time at a fair price! :)"  

Amber Vieira  Extremely knowledgable, proficient, and personable!"   

Jean Megowan  Kathleen takes the worry out of Legal Problems."     

Billie Williams  Kat is AMAZING! Kat is worth the money!"     

Armond Moosakhanian  Kathleen is the greatest!"     

* Kathleen's self-help legal service has received 200+ recommendations from clients.

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