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Legal Document Assistant
We'd like to do it ourselves without lawyers involved. We know exactly what we want, and agree to everything. We have no legal questions and would like assistance with preparing the documents.


My spouse and I both decided we'd like a divorce or separation. We'd like a mediator to resolve issues that we can't agree on. We do not want full adversarial litigation, but we'd like this to end peacefully.


I need a lawyer, as my situation dictates that I have representation to protect my rights. My spouse has an attorney and threatened to make this ugly, so I have no option but to proceed with an adversarial divorce.

Getting started is as simple as clicking hereGetting started is as simple as clicking here
"I recommend Moira Boyle unequivocally and with no reserve in divorce matters requiring services of a legal document assistant. She has handled my divorce with the utmost professionalism, empathy, grace and dispatch to my utmost satisfaction. She also has a wondersul sense of humor — a commodity in extreme short supply, especially in the legal community."

—James A. Vaugn, Placentia, CA

"When a lawyer told me it would cost me
$2,500 to finish my divorce, then charged
me for that hour, I sat in my car in tears.
I found Moira, and she completed all the paperwork, went the extra mile for
a lot less."

—C. Flores, Aliso Viejo, CA

The Legal Doc
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